Day: March 30, 2011


We, the students that comprise the Indigenous Law Students’ Association (ILSA) at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia, welcome you to our site!

ILSA maintains a vital role at Allard Hall.  First, it provides a community for Indigenous law students who wish to come together and share in educational and social activities.  These exciting events often involve the general population of law students.  Second, it seeks to develop Indigenous awareness, both at UBC and in the community, through initiatives such as our annual Speaker Series which offers topical themes and a balanced list of reputable guest speakers.   Third, ILSA seeks to provide a forum for students who are interested in Aboriginal Law to share and gain knowledge about Aboriginal legal issues, both on a practical and theoretical level.

Stepping into another exciting year with a large Indigenous student body, we plan to host exceptional events that involve UBC Law students, faculty and various external communities.

ILSA members also make significant contributions to the legal community. Through the  academic  year, ILSA students participate in the Indigenous Bar Association’s Annual Conference and the Canadian Bar Association’s fundraiser, both held in the fall.  ILSA is dedicated to helping the legal community while facilitating the development of exceptional students.